Name: Gene Allen
Address: 2845 Bridlewood Ter
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 12/5/1950
Offense:  Attempted Sexual Abuse of Child Under 12

Name: William Ellis Faulkner
Address: 1353 Whirlaway Circle East
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 01/04/1953
Offense:  Rape 1st

Name: Frank George Freedman
Address: 7347 Highway 13
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 04/23/1938
Offense:  Traveling to meet child for unlawful sex act

Name:  Johnathan Paul Garner
Address: 1904 Lakeland Trl
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 06/27/1984
Offense:  Sodomy 2nd

Name: Ronald Clay Hannah
Address: 1955 Hwy 93
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 05/10/1965
Offense:  Sexual Abuse 2nd

Name: Vincent Lee Marek
Address: 3015 Spruce Dr
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 03/20/1962
Offense:  Rape 1st / Knife

Name: Emily Ehl Morris
Address: 300 River Oaks Cir
Sex/Gender: W/F     DOB: 08/15/1978
Offense:  Rape 2nd

Name: William Lewis Smoke
Address: 4715 Hollow Ln
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 07/04/1945
Offense:  Possession of Obscene Matter

Name: Jimmy Ray Wallace
Address: 5221 Wade St
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 07/06/1972
Offense:  Indecent Exposure

Name: Christopher Sanders Pair
Address: 3005 Ashley Cir
Sex/Gender: W/M     DOB: 05/12/1988
Offense:  Sodomy 1st

Registred Sex Offenders;
Registered sex offenders rsiding within the city limits of Helena al. Code of Alabama 1975, Title 15, Section 20. For more information, please visit