10/17/2017    Stopping for School Busses

With the school year in full swing, it is a good idea for this Tuesdays tip to remind everyone that it is the Law to stop for school buses while they are loading and unloading passengers. AL Title 32, Sec. 32 5A 154.

When school buses are loading and unloading passengers:
1. All traffic from both directions must stop on two-lane roadways, four-lane roadways without a median separation, four-lane roadways with a center turning lane, and two-lane roadways with a center turn lane.

2. On divided highways of four lanes or more with a median separation, only traffic following the school bus must stop.

Failure to stop for loading and unloading school buses will result in hefty fines and penalties. We all want our children to have the security of arriving safe to school and safe back home every day.