10/3/2017    Safety While Jogging

After receiving questions from some of our citizen joggers about personal safety while jogging or walking in our city parks and trails, I decided to post a few safety tips:

1. Run with a running partner or group.
Remember that there is usually safety in numbers.

2. Do not run with earphones.
Although it is enjoyable to exercise to some great tunes, your situational awareness will not be as sharp. It will become harder to hear a potential attacker approach you from behind. You may have a slower reaction time in order to escape.

3. Alter your route.
Altering you route makes it more difficult to track your movements on a day by day basis and thus more difficult for stalkers to learn your patterns. Different scenery will keep you more alert and focused on your surroundings.

4. Run with your dog.
Large dogs make a great deterrent to a potential attacker.

5. Let someone know.
Let someone know when you go for a run and the route that you are taking. Some smartphone apps provide route planning, GPS, or alert notification features to allow friends or family to track your movements during your run.

We are very proud of our low crime rate and level of security that our citizens enjoy within our public parks and trails. Safety, however, is never 100% and we must be ever diligent of danger.