10/24/2017    Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a week away. It is time for ghosts, goblins, ghouls, princesses, and super heroes in search of goodies to invade our neighborhoods once again. For Tuesdays tip, let us revisit some good Halloween safety to ensure that this night of Trick Or Treating is a scare rific success.

1. Drive slowly, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn your headlights on earlier in the day to spot children from greater distances.

2. Please make sure that your children go in groups if they are going without an adult. There is always safety in numbers.

3. Carry a flashlight or glow sticks with you and apply reflective tape to your childs costume to ensure they are seen by drivers on the road.

4. Make sure that you check your childs candy prior to them eating it. Discard any unwrapped or opened candy.

5. Turn your porch light on for the children who are trick or treating. A front porch light indicates that your house is ready to receive trick or treaters.

6. Try to start winding the trick or treating down by 8:00PM so the younger goblins, ghosts, and ghouls can get a good nights sleep.