Substance abuse is a growing crisis in the state of Alabama and nationwide. Since so many in our state are struggling with the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, the City of Helena Police Department as a special request of the Mayor's Office would like to provide a list of resources for those who are coping with addiction and wish to overcome it.

Disclosure: The City of Helena and Helena Police Department are not affiliated with the listed orginizations and do not endorse any particular Drug/Alcohol treatment program or service. Some services of the listed orginizations are notated, but are not representative all of the services that they may provide.

Name: Birmingham Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Address: 242 West Valley Avenue, Suite 211 Homewood, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 290-0060
Service Provided: Alcohol Abuse Therapy

Name: Alcohol Awareness Council
Address: Not Available
Contact Phone#: 1-888-287-0471
Service Provided: Alcohol Abuse Information and Resources

Name: Birmingham Crisis Center
Address: 2801 Hwy 280 S Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 323-7777
Service Provided: Counseling Services

Name: National Sucicide Prevention Lifeline
Address: 2801 Hwy 280 S Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: 1-800-273-8255
Service Provided: Crisis Services and Suicide Prevention

Name: Bradford Health Services
Address: 101 Aviators View Dr. Ste B, Alabaster, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 621-4429
Service Provided: Adolecent Rehab, Intervention, Emergency Consultation

Name: The Recovery Village
Address: NA
Contact Phone#: (877) 283-2813
Service Provided: Drug / Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Name: Kingwood Christian Church-Celebrate Recovery
Address: 100 Harvest Way, Alabaster, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 663-3933
Service Provided: 12 Step meetings

Name: Brookwood Hospital
Address: 2010 Brookwood Medical Center Dr, Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 877-1935
Service Provided: Detox

Name: Birmingham Beacon Addiction Treatment
Address: 401 Beacon Parkway West, Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#:  (205) 917-3733 x 103 or 117
Service Provided: outpatient, day treatment, Detox

Name: Chilton Shelby Mental Health/Hamilton Center
Address: 151 Hamilton Lane, Calera, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 668-4308
Service Provided: Substance Abuse Services

Name: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers Inc/Pearson Hall
Address: 2701 Jefferson Ave SW, Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 923-6552
Service Provided: Substance Abuse Treatment

Name: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Address: 1713 6th Avenue South Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 208-9977
Service Provided: Detox,Residential (30 days) treatment

Name: Lighthouse for Recovery
Address: 136 59th Street N, Birmingham AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 201-6387
Service Provided: transitional living for substance abuse

Name: Northwest Alabama Treatment Center
Address: 4204 Edmonton Dr, Bessemer, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 425-1200
Service Provided: Methadone Clinic, Group Therapy, Counseling

Name: Shelby County Treatment Center
Address: 750 Highway 31 South in Alabaster, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 216-0200
Service Provided: Methadone Clinic
Website: NA

Name: Birmingham Metro Treatment Center
Address: 151 Industrial Dr, Birmingham, AL
Contact Phone#: (205) 941-1799
Service Provided: Methandone Clinic